Feb 22, 2002

Rest day today. Thank goodness. (Oh right, you say, as if you haven’t taken enough rest days!) But I took a Tylenol PM last night so I could sleep well (finally, I did!) and I feel much better for it. My throat feels somewhat better and my arches hurt much less. I think I’m going to crosstrain tomorrow instead of a 16 miler. If I don’t give my feet a break now, there won’t be another chance. So tomorrow morning, Kristina’s going to get me into the Tulane gym and I’m going to ride the stationary bike or maybe do some elliptical training (never done it though, and I can be pretty uncoordinated, so I may just stick to the bike.) I heard that the ratio of running:cycling is 1:4, so if I’m supposed to do a 16 mile run tomorrow, I should cycle 64 miles. Woah! Well, the great thing is, I can bring a book. Yeah, I could polish off a decent-sized book in 3-4 hours.

Monday is Kristina’s birthday, so we have a fun weekend scheduled. Saturday we’re going to this yummy burger place for dinner and then to Pat O’Briens, or some other tourist trap in the Quarter to have a hurricane (just one for me, no doubt about it.) Sunday we’re having dinner with my cousin, who I never see. She’s a lawyer in DC so she and Kristina can talk aaalllll about, well, the law. Woo! Fun! Hopefully we’ll get to see a movie in there somewhere. We really need to see more of the movies that were nominated for the Best Picture Oscar so we can be well informed.

Just something really cool that I wanted to mention…

Back in August, I joined a running mailing list called the Dead Runner’s Society. It’s a big list (2000+ subscribers, I think) but only 50-60 of them post with any regularity. I lurked for a long time on the list, because most of the members who post are serious runners. Fast runners. But when I started the actual marathon training, I decided to post, because these people can be a fantastic source of information.

One woman, who is married to another member of the list, has become my virtual running mentor. She is in her early 40s, I think, and just had a baby (which was all the talk of the list back when I joined) and has been following my training and giving me advice and encouraging me. What a wonderful person! The best part is, I also get her husband’s advice, as she consults him when I have a question. I get two opinions from experienced, fast runners (I think her husband has run Boston – woooo!) who are very well respected on the list. It’s just all very exciting. Another reason to be thankful for the Internet!