June 28. 2002

Didn’t run today. My back hurt when I woke up, guess I slept funny. But Kristina and i did go on a 5 mile, 1.5 hour walk with some running yesterday, which is great. And it was fun. It was really humid and the whole time we thought it was going to start pouring, but it only started to rain when we were five blocks from home. And then we got mildly drenched. We were sorta disappointed.

Work has been fun. So has having days off. Ahhh. Gotta love it. Yesterday, Judy from the temp agency called to tell me about a permanent position at a big accounting firm (ahem, not one going under anytime soon, I hope) in the creative department. Perfect, right up my alley, well paid, and undoubtedly great benefits. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get an interview for that job, and then, well, actually get it. Ha ha!

Chris got into the NYC Marathon! It’s on his birthday this year. Exciting! Crazy, of course, to be running three marathons in eleven months, especially your *first three* but Chris is crazy. So good luck to him. I hope if I get the good job I’ll be able to take some time off in April for the marathon. Well, I’ll cross that bridge when it comes, etc, etc.