Had a fun weekend. Friday I actually got stuff done. Went to the gym, worked out. Ran some errands. After everyone got home from work, George and I went to the pub to meet Polly and Colin. Then Colin suggested a fieldtrip to an Irish pub in Mid-City, Finn McCool’s. Lindsay and Megan came too. Just one drink. Yeah, right. Stayed there for two drinks (but Megan knew a guy who bought us a round there!) and then went to Nick’s, a dive bar. Was cool though. Had a great jukebox. Had several more drinks there, but had fun talking to the girls. Finally went back to the pub, several hours later. Dawn was not happy with us, as we’d said we’d only be gone an hour. Oops! Had one more drink there, and then went home. Amazingly, woke up without a hangover! Nevertheless, didn’t do much on Saturday. Laundry, a bit of straightening up around the house. Watched the Pianist. What a fantastic movie. Returned it, went to Walmart, blah blah blah.

Sunday morning I was going to get up at 6 to run at Audubon Park. I needed to do 3-4 miles this weekend. However, getting up at 6 was very unappealing so I slept until 9:30 or so, then went to the park for 10:30. I figured the heat would be my punishment for sleeping late. But it wasn’t that bad, considering. So I did my two laps, 3.6 miles and went home. George’s family came to the pub for Father’s Day. We ate pizza and ice cream cake and then Polly, Colin, Nick, Annie, Eva, Patrick, Julie, George and I headed to the IMAX on the other side of the river to see the Matrix movie. But it was sold out. And then it was pouring. So we walked to a bar, had a drink, walked to another bar, had a drink, walked back to the ferry, went to the pub, had another drink and then went home. It was really fun, though. We all got soaked on the walk to the first bar.

So today Annie and Eva and I are supposed to have a picnic. Fun!