Ooh, I haven’t been very good about posting much, have I? Sorry about that. I need to have a more exciting life.

So…weekend…it was actually somewhat of a three day weekend for me, as I wasn’t feeling well on Friday and stayed home. But Saturday I was feeling better and Polly and Regan and I went blueberry picking in Mississippi. I probably have a raging case of West Nile now, but it was worth it. We got tons of berries and Polly and I made jam yesterday. I have no clue how I made jam by myself last year, it is very tricky getting extremely hot jars of jam in and out of boiling water without taking off flesh. But we managed it. Haven’t tasted any yet, will probably open a jar tomorrow for my toast. Must remember to buy bread.

Anyway, after berry picking, we went to the outlet mall in Gulfport and bought a few things. I got Ellie a really cute present, but I must keep it a surprise, in case she’s reading.
(Hey, she’s the smartest baby in the world, so it’s possible.) Polly bought some new perfume from the dumbest human on the planet. That was amusing.

And then yesterday I went to my cousin Max’s birthday party and ate way too many cupcakes. Oh, the cupcakes. So good. But it was nice to see most of my family there (aunts and uncles, anyway.)

Tonight I’m going to have dinner with Peggy and Emily, my marathon training friends. I really need to think about training for another one. After the wedding, of course. Hmmm.