Ohhh, I’m hungry. I think I’ll blame it on Weight Watchers, when in reality, I’m usually hungry at this time of day. (Actually, 8:50 in the morning is a bit early. So I think the WW blame is legit.)

Note: Fruity Cheerios do not make a filling breakfast. Unless I consider it a mini-meal or snack instead and not stress about it. I’m going to attempt to enjoy a banana in a little while. I really don’t like bananas, but I love the idea of them. Filling! Healthy! Portable! But yicky texture. (I do like banana bread, though.)

Last night’s Project Runway was exciting. I was on the edge of my seat. I made shish kabobs (ehhhh, not very good. I forgot the mushrooms! Duh!) and sweet potato fries (baked, of course, and I made too many for the pan, so they were mushy and not very good) for everyone. Jon and Teresa came over. Yay! Fun.

This weekend, Ren, Kettie, Maura and I are meeting up for a fun time in Natchitoches. A mini-reunion. I can’t wait! I must save my flex points for a daiquiri from Maggio’s. And bread pudding. And all the other yummy stuff we’re going to eat (and drink.)

3 thoughts on “Hongry

  1. pam

    just cut them up into ff shapes, and then toss them with olive oil, salt and pepper, and whatever spices you might like. i like cinnamon. then spread in an even layer on a cookie sheet and bake them at around 350 or so until they’re crispy. yum!


  2. Anonymous

    Your shish kabobs and sweet potato fries were quite delicious. Readers, pay no mind to this “ehh” stuff. That’s nonsense.


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