First food!

Last week, we decided to let the boys try rice cereal. Let’s just say we’re going to wait a little while before we try again. Heh.

Linus is first up.

I think he likes it!

Or does he?

Well, Daddy definitely does, anyway.

(Yes. George is disgusting.)

Miles is next.

Can’t say he’s thrilled with it.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

Well, we tried!

Daddy still likes it!

Oliver goes last.

He doesn’t seem too impressed.

Surprised, though.

The end!

13 thoughts on “First food!

  1. sooooo adorable. My kids did the same thing. The next time I tried I waited until they were hungrier and made it a little thinner, it took!Precious babies, I read you all the time.


  2. how cute. My son Linus loved rice and oatmeal cereal. But quit eating it shortly afterwards because he fell in love with real oatmeal.


  3. It was worth trying for their adorable expressions! Annabel was the same way, so we waited 2 weeks and tried again. It’s still not her favorite – but she loves peas!


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