I think we almost have our first tooth! I was getting worried for a while there, that we’d have to invest in baby dentures or something. But Linus is very close to having one pop through. For real this time. I know, I’ve been saying it for six months, but it has to be true sometime, right? I’ll try to get a picture this afternoon. Ack, it’s going to be so cute with those little bottom teeth poking out.

I wonder if the other two will follow shortly after. I think Miles and Oliver have something happening too, but not as imminent as Linus. Which makes me think – was Linus the first half of the egg, and then the other half split to make Miles and Oliver, making him technically a day or two older? Interesting. Miles and Oliver did have a thinner membrane between them. They were the two we thought for a long time were monoamniotic. Very interesting. Also, Miles and Oliver look more alike than Linus, with his cowlick. Hmmm. Here is my theory:

Okay. Maybe that was a bit much. It’s just a tooth!

Anyway. Regarding the weight loss stuff. I did well yesterday, thankyouverymuch. Stayed within my limits for calories, fat, etc, etc. Maybe could have used a little more protein. I really need to go grocery shopping. My lunch yesterday left much to be desired, but it was all I had in the freezer at work. Today I have leftover Shepherd’s Pie that I made last night for dinner. Usually, I just toss whatever sounds good into it, but I was really careful about what I put in it last night, so I could accurately count the nutritional value. Mmmm.

6 thoughts on “Tooth?!

  1. Paulette

    I had to come by this morning and get my baby fix!! Your post was too funny but probably very true, what ever the case the latter two will indeed follow suit and more than likely they will do everything together probably because your theory is right on target!
    It would be so much fun to have these little guys. I am glad you allow us to share them especially in the pictures.
    Have a Blessed day


  2. Monica

    Love the post! Hum wonder what order they really were in. Your picture is quite nice and probably true. Yay for the tooth. Hopefully they will start to pop up all over the place!


  3. Casey

    I worked with a lady who’s twins were conceived days apart, supposedly. There was some concern over the length of time they’d be in utero because one was slightly ahead of the other. Very interesting.


  4. mandy

    yay on the tooth – you’ll be ahead of us b/c annabel just started to get her first one on evacuation (at almost 11 months). We let her chew on a tooth brush and I personally think that helped it break through. Probably not though. good luck


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