Busy weekend we had! Let me see if I can remember everything…

The boys had a doctor’s appointment on Friday to check on their ears (all good!) and afterwards, I took them to George’s school so everyone could ooh and ahh over them. They also got their pictures taken by one of George’s very talented colleagues, Christie. Look how cute my boys are!

Miles is in green “argh”, Linus is in the yellow lion, and Oliver is in the stripes.

(doesn’t Miles look like his cousin Emily here? aww!)

Okay, moving on…

Yet another day of picture-taking of the boys! My wedding photographer, Sandra, came by to take pictures of the boys. I can’t wait to see how they come out!

After the photo shoot, I took the boys to Target and to my friend Mandy’s daughter’s first birthday party. The boys had so much fun playing with Annabel. Mandy made the babies blueberry muffins, and oh my gosh, they went crazy for them! I wish I’d brought my camera, because it was so funny. There were blueberry muffin crumbs EVERYWHERE after that. They were just shoving them into their mouths.

More picture-related goings on. The boys are going to have their picture taken next weekend by another local photographer, and she wanted to meet them ahead of time to get an idea of their personality. She’s clearly made of tough stuff (or the boys were being particularly charming) because she didn’t run screaming from the park, AND she still wants to photograph them next weekend. Fun!

After a walk around the park, (my friend Erin came with us) we headed to the mall. Sephora is open! Heaven. Bought a few things (not for me) and did some more browsing. The boys ate their first pretzel. They seemed to enjoy them.

Meanwhile, while I was taking the boys on their adventures, George and his dad were building the door that’s going to create our new bedroom, so that the boys can take over our room as their playroom. Very exciting stuff!

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  1. katie

    great pics pam. can’t wait to see how your wedding photog did…the boys are just too cute…can’t believe they will be one so soon!


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