New t-shirt design (shameless plug)

So as I mentioned before, I have set up a shop to sell t-shirts I’ve designed for (mostly) parents of triplets. (I’ve modified some of the designs for twins, just because I have a lot of twin mama friends.) This is my latest design that I’m liking a lot. The design’s on the front of the shirt, but I wonder if I should do a version with it on the back, because that way, people don’t have to stare at your chest to read it. Hmm.


I have it for moms and dads! (And in lots of other styles, too.)

8 thoughts on “New t-shirt design (shameless plug)

  1. Bob Morris

    Great T-shirt, Pam! Hope you sell a couple of million….

    Copyright your material!!

    Go ahead and make one like it for twins, too, so you can copyright it.


  2. Valeria Parisi

    Hey Pam, that’s so cool, I’ve never noticed the Triple Dip Shop! great T-shirts! do you have a “Triplets plus One” bumper sticker?? I guess you won’t ship it to Italy though….

    ciao! Valeria


  3. maybenextyear

    LOVE IT! make up a twin one so I can buy it :0) and seriously copyright your stuff so you can make $$millions$$


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