Baby geniuses!

You gotta start ’em young, you know.

Apple all the way, baby! Is it a coincidence that one of their favorite words right now is “apple”? I don’t think so. (I mean, yeah, it was when we were in the produce department at the grocery store when they were saying it, but still…)

George has some really really really old Apples from the 1980s that he might let the boys use when they’re older. He really loves those computers. But I’m pretty sure he loves the boys more. And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want them learning about computers on a *gasp* Windows PC!

Dude. How cute is this?

3 thoughts on “Baby geniuses!

  1. Joy

    ADORABLE pictures! Gosh, they are getting big! So cute! The question is…will George let them play with the new computer at home? πŸ™‚


    1. pyjammy

      well, the computer is actually mine, and so…no. πŸ˜› they can keep their grubby little paws off of it! πŸ˜€


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