Our weekend in pictures

We had a fun weekend, and I brought my camera for the specific reason of posting lots of pictures this week. Let’s hope I can hold back from posting them all right now. I even brought my good camera so I could get good shots.

Let’s start with the Zoo on Saturday. We went with Mary Catherine and Millie.

Mary Catherine pulled the wagon…

…and when she got tired, we put Millie to work.

They loved looking at the ducks…

and the Zeebas (or at least the sign for them)…

and the giraffes

And then we played a game of “which one of these is not like the others?”

After the hard work of looking at animals, Millie kicked back and relaxed.

Tune in tomorrow for pictures from Sunday….(I know, THE SUSPENSE!)

3 thoughts on “Our weekend in pictures

  1. Kitty

    I love the pics! Am I mistaken if I say Linus is a little bit different from the other two boys? I mean, Linus has a very special expression as an almost always serious face. Or just on the photos and just for me who’s a stranger?


  2. Stephanie

    Ha! Love the picture posts!! I can’t imagine how much your wagon weighs with the boys in it. I get tired pulling one kid around! As always, very cute picutes!


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