And now for the rest of the weekend


Let’s see. So on Sunday, we had plans to meet Mandy and Mike and their two kids, Annabel and tiny baby Harry at a park we’d never been to. It was nice! Lots of stuff to climb on, even if they were kind of scared of it. Hmm.

They played…

and ate cheese…

and drank milk (yeah, another version of the picture I posted the other day).

I got to hold Harry for a little bit, but the boys weren’t having much of it. This is Mandy holding him, obviously.

After the park excitement, we went home. And I took artsy fartsy pictures of the toys.

And some of the boys…

On another note, everyone watch Rachael Ray (the talk show, not the cooking one) tomorrow (Wednesday) to see the Rock, Paper, Scissors shirts IN ACTION! Awesome.

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