23 months!

(Confession: I took this picture on Monday morning, when the boys all insisted on getting into Linus’s crib and were being unfathomably adorable.)


Oh man. 1 month til we have 2 year olds. Gaah!

But my gosh, this is a fun age. Every day, they come up with something new, whether it’s telling the cat “no!” or telling Daddy to “shhh” or dancing or hopping or hugging. It’s always pretty darn cute.

I know it’s going to get harder. It seems like on a certain message board I frequent, all anyone can talk about is how hard x age is. But no one ever talks about how fun it can be too, and how rewarding. And how the fun totally makes up for the temper tantrums and the pushing boundaries and the frustrations and the whining. Or maybe I’m just being optimistic. After all, I’ve heard 3 is harder than 2.

But I’ll bet it’s more fun too.


13 thoughts on “23 months!

  1. I never thought 2 was bad…3 was awful with my daughter. But with three at 2….hmmmm it might just be bad. I’ll be taking notes on how to handle it…I’m running close behind you!

    I can’t get over how darn cute your boys are!


  2. Pam – your boys are just the cutest! Can you believe that they are almost 2?? Crazy. I ditto what you said about this time being so rewarding….it is awesome!

    Beth (from San Diego with triplets born a few days before yours)


    1. I trimmed the front, it was getting in their eyes, but I did a really bad job. I need to work on my haircutting skills. 😛


  3. The boys are just too cute! Our girls turn 20 months today. I always think of you guys, being your boys have a 4th birthday too 😉

    Yeah, folks/neighbors/friends/strangers always tell us “oh man! THAT’S got to be fun,” like it’s not supposed to be or something. But as you said, it is. This is a fun age. Yes, there are trying times and the pushing of buttons and learning to be independent but…they are so cute, so fun to play and be with, so fun to watch (especially with 3 or 4 playing all together). There are totally good things about this age!

    1 more month until the 2nd birthday! Oooo! I am excited for you 😀 Praying all the planning goes well!
    -Maria (quad mom from TC)

    P.S. Love, love, love the Halloween pics!!! 3 very cute little monkeys there! Oh, and you were just too cute as the bunch of bananas 😉


  4. Re: the haircuts – you could have fooled me. It looks great.

    And the fact that you attempted it is to be commended. There is no way I could cut our 21 month old twins’ hair (boys). It would look MUCH MUCH worse than what you did.

    So kudos to you!


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