Hurricane day!

I mean Tropical Storm day!

We’re in Baton Rouge now, at my mom’s. George wanted me to bring the boys here, just in case we end up with power outages due to Ida. So I guess it’s like a little vacation day for us!

I don’t have much to post right now (I need to upload pics, but can’t do it here) but I do want to answer Amy’s question about the boys’ shirts in the last picture. I got them from an Etsy seller. I loooove Etsy! My friend Sara makes them, they’re so cute, don’t you think? And I’m all about supporting fellow moms of multiples.

Tie onesie/t-shirt

and now I’m getting off the subject, but how freaking awesome is this shirt? You can get it with a detachable cape!!! Ack, the cuteness is killing me!!!