It’s Tuesday, but it feels like Monday. You know, since yesterday was a “vacation” day. It was definitely nice to go to my Mom’s (it’s always nice to go to my Mom’s) but it would have been nicer if, say, it had been a weekend. Or not a yucky gray day when my mom had to have major dental work.

Oh well. At least I got to see Finding Nemo 1,734,334 times. Whew!

I did get some cute pictures that I’ll have to post. Tomorrow. Because it’s Nablopomo and I might have nothing to say tomorrow. We can’t risk that!

I will say, we got our pro pics back from my awesome wedding photographer, and in spite of the fact that I have three little monkey monsters who will not sit still for the camera, she got some great shots. I mean, they may not all be smiling, but the pictures definitely capture their spirit and essence and all that jazz. So I’m happy. And I’m designing some really fun holiday cards with them. So that’s fun, right? (In other words, no, you won’t be seeing them here. At least not until I decide which one(s) I’m using for the cards.)

Wait, okay. You can have this one. It’s Miles. In mid-“HOP!” hee!