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A little known secret about me is that I am actually quite the arborealist. Arborphile. Arborist. Whatever. Even though I generally have a black thumb, when it comes to planting trees, I’m somewhat of a genius. I don’t mean to brag, but it’s true. I have planted three trees in my life now, and while I can’t predict how tree #3 is going to do, trees #1 and 2 are doing quite well, thank you.

Tree #1, a Bradford Pear named Kristina. Named after the one who bought it for me as a housewarming gift five and a half years ago.

Here is the tree and its namesake, a few months after it was planted.
Kristina and her tree (c.1994)

Tree #2 is of unknown species. I got a bundle of seedlings from the Arbor Day Foundation back in 2005ish, and planted them all over. Only this one survived. (Uh oh. Maybe I shouldn’t reveal this fact. This puts a blemish on my tree-planting career, doesn’t it?) Anyway, this thing was the size of a pencil when I stuck it in our front garden.

(I don’t have a picture of it back then, but just imagine, you know, a twig stuck in the ground. I actually did a really nice job of that front garden, but then &$#@ Katrina came and messed it all up. But that little tree survived!

And now we are here at Tree #3, my much longed-for Meyer lemon tree. (Meyer lemons are friggin’ expensive! And hard to find!)

Here is the little tree next to Tree #1. Look how much she’s grown!

And then I dug a hole:

And now she is planted!

It only took about half an hour to dig the hole and plant it and everything. This is fun! I’d turn our yard into a forest if given half a chance. How fun would that be?


4 thoughts on “Tree hugger

  1. Hi! Never posted before but felt the urge to…on a tree post if all things! 🙂 Love your blog! Some (most!) posts actually make me think my life is not as crazy as it could be. Only 2 singleton kiddos here! Anyway, I am local (well, close enough, Metairie) and I have a Meyer’s lemon tree that I do NOTHING with. I would be happy to give you all the lemons you want until of course your 3rd tree planting is successful and bears the fruit of your labor, literally! E-mail me if you are interested.-Beth


  2. So I feel the need to comment again, b/c I am sure I sound like a nut case to out of the blue offer a complete stranger lemons. What must you think of me. LOL But seriously, the tree was there before we moved in 3 1/2 years ago. I did not even know what it was until I brought photos and fruit in for a coworker to identify for me. (Apparently we also have a Satsuma tree, per coworker). I do nothing to it, no fertilizer, water, trimming, nothing! We use maybe 1 lemon a year, no joke, for lemonade. The other 100+ rot away. I would love to give some away b/c it is such a waste. I will meet you in a public place if I have not weirded you out too much to take me up on my offer. 🙂 And you do not need to post this comment!


  3. Oh, my, I wish I lived near Beth. I want lemons!! I wouldn’t care if you were crazy! 🙂

    My original comment: what is that building across the street from your house?


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