They’re famous!

I need to recap Thanksgiving and post these cute pictures of the boys in their outfits from Uncles Chris & Alvaro, but then I have something exciting to share…

We went to not one, but TWO awesome Thanksgiving dinners yesterday. Fortunately, the boys kept me on my toes enough that I gorged myself at neither, because there was a serious amount of food there.


The boys were pretty good, but like I said, they kept us pretty busy.



Generally, they were happy if they could either watch Nemo or push buttons. Here, they can do both!

So that was fun and today we’re going to my mom’s for ANOTHER Thanksgiving, this time with my sister and my Emily and more family.

The exciting news….remember a few months ago? The boys did that photo shoot for that catalog, but I wasn’t sure if they got any pictures they’d deem worthy of their catalog? Well, apparently they did! The boys are officially in the spring/summer edition of the Orient Expressed catalog!

(order: Miles, Oliver, Linus)

Yes, this must be the beginning of fame and fortune for all of us, right?


8 thoughts on “They’re famous!

  1. YAY! The outfits look great .I’m so glad they fit and the boys got to wear them for Thanksgiving festivities! And, the catalog shot is soooo adorable. It will be an awseome thing to bring out when the boys are in their teens!


  2. How cute! I love Orient Expressed (not that I can afford many of those cute outfits…times two!), and I will keep an eye out for them in the spring catalog!


  3. Love their photoshoot ad – I need to order the girls something from OE for Christmas.

    And damnit, I can never see your pics at work bc you host them via flickr and they are blocked here. So I’ll make sure to go home and re-read to see the pics.


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