In denial?

I’m sure it was just a fluke. Please tell me, it was just a fluke.

I finally broke down on Friday and bought a potty. Not because we’re ready to potty train, but because I figured we should just have one and let them look at it and maybe sit on it, whatever. I knew I’d be giving them baths that night, so I thought it would be a good time to try it out. I didn’t think they’d actually do anything, you know?

But maybe they’re showing signs of readiness. Or something. They know that “Shrek go potty!” at the beginning of the movie. If that’s not a sign of readiness, I don’t know what is. And then I start to get all paranoid that I’m going to miss some crucial potty training window. That if I don’t address it now, they’ll be in diapers til they’re ten.

So I bought the freaking potty.

And Oliver pooped in it. (Sorry. At least I didn’t take a picture of it. Ha ha ha! Ew.)

And I was so stunned that I wasn’t sure what to do. I praised him and then threw him in the tub and then freaked out inside.

After talking to some other moms, I’m a little calmer. I don’t have to potty train him right away. I can just keep putting him on it whenever the mood strikes. But I think when I do get a little more serious about potty training, we’ll do it one at a time, and start with Oliver.

So I’m going to believe it was a fluke, and not that my kid is some kind of pooping genius.

Am I doing this right?

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10 thoughts on “In denial?

  1. Ooo great job Oliver!

    I can’t give any advice, my one and only is 14 months but sounds like you’re going about it the right way.


  2. The idea of potty-training scares me – and I don’t even have kids! Ha! Good luck missy – I hope it all goes as smoothly as possible. 🙂


  3. Sounds about right to me. James is sort of taking a break from potty training. He does get a treat (a jelly bean or an M&M) when he pees or poops on the potty. I recommend some kind of reward system, but I’m not sure when you phase that out…We haven’t gotten there yet. BTW, James pooped on the potty a few times like 6 months ago, and hasn’t since. Oh well. They’ll all be potty trained by kindergarten, right?


  4. Awesome start! All I can say is that one of my twin girls pooped on her potty at about 17 months, and we whooped and hollered and congratulated her, and she has very nearly refused to sit on it again since. (they’re 33 months now) She tries it every day at school, and even peed twice there, and she’s just now starting to sit on it again at home — but I think we celebrated a bit too much!!

    Good for you for keeping it pretty low key, externally — everyone tells me that if you can get one multiple to show interest and eventually “get it”, the others will follow suit rapidly. Good luck!


  5. The only potty advice I have to give is: if your kid gets a horrible stomach virus, no matter how tired you are of changing sheets and pajamas, DO NOT carry them to the potty, running, next time they are going to upchuck, lest they think you are going to put them in it headfirst and be so freaked out that they refuse to even go near a potty until they are 4 and a half (and only then after being bribed with a Wii).


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