Five pounds!

My weigh in last night went much better, thankyouverymuch. Down another 1.4 lbs for a total of 5. Even got a star and recognition at the meeting.

I wish it was more, I’m not going to lie, but I’ve been tracking and staying within my points for three weeks now. I just need to keep on rolling with it and trust that it will work.

And that’s five pounds in three weeks. If it continues this way, I’ll be down twenty more by the time we go to the beach. Which will make me feel slightly better about wearing a bathing suit.

3 thoughts on “Five pounds!

  1. Erin

    That is great!!

    I went back as well. Well, that is until this week, which was not good, I skipped my meeting and I’ve been off track ever since.

    Thanks for posting this, you just gave me motivation to get back on track.


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