So dang tiny!

Last night, I was scanning some pictures, and this was one of them. It was a picture the NICU nurses took. I would love it when I went to visit the boys, there was always a picture of them that the (presumably bored) nurses would take of them in the middle of the night.

Sleeping babies!

I love how their elbows are all like that. I found out later that it’s actually called the fencing reflex (or more boringly, the tonic neck reflex). Love that!

For the longest time, I would look at this picture and not really know who was who. (I do know they’re in birth order, so L-O-M, but I wouldn’t have known just by looking at them.) But now I can totally see Oliver is the baby in the middle. And Miles is on the right. And yes, Linus on the left. Like now they’re looking like their newborn selves. Weird.

3 thoughts on “So dang tiny!

  1. Eva

    What a cute picture!!! I know what you mean – if I look at pictures of my children at a younger age I can now sometimes see their present features in how they looked then – hard to explain, but I think it is the same thing…


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