Things we love (and things we hate)

Things we love in our house right now…

I am loving these Wholly Guacamole 100 calorie packs. Sooooo good! Thank goodness they have $1.00 off coupons on their site. This could get expensive…

I’ve already mentioned this, but the boys have gotten over their DVD addiction and have turned to hats…

And they don’t have to be real hats, either…

I got Super Mario Galaxy 2 last month, and, what can I say? It’s fun!

Things I’m not liking:

That we had to cancel our beach vacation in August because of *$#&@ BP.

But I do like that my old high school friend Kevin, who is an eight-generation oyster-man, founded Horizon Relief.

And my talented friend Alison is making these shirts and selling them to benefit Horizon Relief.

It’s one thing that we lost our vacation spot. Boo hoo. But at least we can help in small ways, those who are affected by it.

5 thoughts on “Things we love (and things we hate)

  1. Anne

    My likes and dislikes are exactly the same as yours. : )

    Whitman has a new like too – “Mr. Tinkin” – who is Mandy Pitinkin (sp?) as the bad guy in Elmo in Grouchland.


  2. Lisa

    I saw your friend’s organization Horizon Relief on CNN’s Headline News channel this morning. I am so glad they are getting good exposure and hopefully that means more support!


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