Three years ago…

For just a couple of days, three years ago, we were normal. We had one baby. Just like a normal family!

Rooming in with Oliver

Rooming in with Oliver

Rooming in with Oliver

Yeah, it was three years ago that Oliver was sprung from the hospital. George and I had to room in with him the night before, but thankfully only with Oliver and not with all three, like they’d warned us. Whew.

Hi Daddy!

Oliver in his going home outfit

We still use this changing table, but now his legs hang off the side. Eeep!
Oliver naked!

Alllll by mysellllllf! (not for long, buddy!)

After we got home with our bundle of joy, my friend Mary Catherine came by to meet him. She was about 800 weeks pregnant with Millie, who was born a couple of weeks later. We like to think that Ollie and Millie had some special bonding time there. We’ll see in about twenty years, I guess, if our predictions come true about those two.

Here’s the first time they met when she was on the outside. Hmm, neither of them seem too jazzed about it. But I digress…
the boys and Millie

Two days after Oliver’s homecoming, our normal life began when Miles and Linus came home.
Broken out of swaddles

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  1. Jennifer

    I know I’m a few days late, but happy homecoming anniversary, Oliver! I know how stressful it was with two infants at home so I can only imagine what your first 6 months were like with your 3 boys. You’re super mom!!


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