02/02/11, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

Miles got some fruit snacks this morning, and boy was he proud of himself. (He earned them by, well, using the potty in a #2 kind of manner.)

Speaking of Miles, the child can go from joyous to suspicious in two seconds flat.

5 thoughts on “02/02/11

  1. Liska

    THAT suspicious photo is hilarious and makes me want to post a similar one from a few months back (actually from the Summer) when Aaron made such different faces in a 10 second period that you’d swear he was a different baby in each photo…….

    Oh I soooooo want to post that now, but I am supposed to be tidying up for a friend coming….. I only came on here for 5 minutes of leisure….. decisions, decisions…..

    Bye for now, Liska (& Aaron) x


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