Updates on things

We’ve made some big changes around here, and I think it’s time for an update!

Potty Training

I’d say we’re 97% done with potty training. The only issue we have to tackle is Linus pooping. Otherwise, they haven’t had an accident in weeks (okay, Miles had one yesterday, but that was really unusual) and even wake up dry. I have a big box of pull ups that I’m hoping will be the last box I ever buy. George doesn’t want to stop using them at night, but they have woken up dry every morning for about a month. Yay boys!

And seriously, they’re such boys about it. Whenever someone poops, they all call each other around the potty to comment on the poop. “Oooh, that’s a BIG one!” and “aw, looky at the baby poopy!” Do girls do this too?

Toddler Beds

Also going exceptionally well. They stay in them, for the most part. Tonight they decided they all needed to make pee-pee half an hour after we put them to bed, but I just kind of ignored them for a while. Eventually, I calmly put them back in bed, but really, it’s been great. Really cute, too. Sadly, no one has ended up in his brother’s bed, all snuggly. I still hold out hope.


My back is still bothering me a lot. It’s been over a month since I had the epidural steroid injection, and the pain that developed after that shot is making me crazy. I met with my orthopedist again today, and he put me on a new medication that did help a little with the pain, but mostly made me pass out on the sofa in front of season 2 of Bones.

Surgery is an option I’m considering more now. (It would be a microdiscectomy.) I’m just ready to be done with it. Ready to be able to stand up again for prolonged periods of time. To be able to cook dinner again. To be able to carry the boys and lean over their beds and sit on the floor with them. This sucks.


I went to a meeting at the boys’ new preschool and I’m even more excited about it. But also a little sad. Because I learned that when the boys graduate from high school, they will have a French diploma. A diploma (pardon if I’m using the incorrect terminology) that will enable them to go to a French university for free. FREE. This is huge, but have I already forced my kids into a life in France? I mean, if they go to college there, won’t they want to live there? I’ve never even BEEN there! Ah well, I can only hope they’ll get nice scholarships to American universities too.

Three years old, and I’ve inadvertently planned their entire lives for them.

As a reward for reading all those words, a few pics. (Some from my cell phone, sorry)

Miles was upset at the park and this little girl was trying to comfort him. So cute!

Went to a birthday party the other day, and my friend gave the boys their Christmas presents. They loved this puzzle!

They were not so into hitting the pinata.

Probably because it was so freaking big.

Linus is cute.

This is a sight I never tire of seeing…brothers getting along! (And Liam, being the fourth triplet.)

I guess that’s enough from now. I need to go pass out again.

4 thoughts on “Updates on things

  1. Katie

    We have more in common than I thought. My boys also comment on their poop and even want me to look at it. GROSS!!! The boys will say ‘that’s a HUGE poop, Andrew..good job” lol

    love the shot of linus, what camera and lens do you use most often? love all your pics!


    1. pyjammy

      Man, kids are gross! Hee hee!

      I have a Canon 40D and more than likely, my Tamron 28-75mm lens was on when I took that. (Yep, I just checked.)


  2. Eva

    Hiya… just think about all the job opportunities they’ll have if they’re perfectly bilingual!!! I live in a small country with 3 national languages (Luxembourg, languages: French, German & Luxembourgish) and I speak 2 more. I can tell you from experience that speaking more than 1 language is a BIG advantage. There are more French speaking countries than just France…

    I think you’re giving them a great opportunity! And yes, I’m rambling… it’s late & I’m tired 🙂

    Cheers, Eva


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