I Heart Faces – Soft and Sweet

02/20/11 by pyjammy
02/20/11, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

This week’s theme over at I Heart Faces is kind of vague, but to me, this is all soft and snuggly in bed, and definitely sweet. Aww!

We didn’t leave the beds like this for very long, it was too impractical. But I sure wish we could have!

10 thoughts on “I Heart Faces – Soft and Sweet

  1. Christina S

    How do you have their beds set up now? I love the picture by the way, it is super soft and cuddly! We’ve had two of our guys crib sharing and are going to bring in the 3rd crib soon. Trying to figure out how to arrange them all.


    1. pyjammy

      Now they’re set up with two on the wall you see there (one lengthwise, and the other pushed against the wall to the right) and the third on the wall to the left of the photo. (In their nursery, Miles and Oliver’s cribs were next to each other, but this time, I put Linus next to Oliver so he wouldn’t be alone again. :D)


  2. Valeria

    I was tempted to leave the girl in the same room with the boys just to have three little beds like this! so sweeeeeet……but they are so annoying…poor Vera, she sleeps much better in her own room!


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