The final swimming post

At least for this year…

I just wanted to give a quick wrap up of the boys’ swimming lessons, mostly because I brought my DSLR yesterday and got some good pictures. Heh.

You already saw Miles jumping in. Let’s just say, that’s his strength. Oliver and Linus were a little more timid about jumping. See Oliver:

or here. Doesn’t that make your toenails hurt?

and your knees?


But they definitely each had their strengths. Miles’s was jumping, Linus’s was kicking:
(okay, maybe this isn’t the best representation, but it’s true, I promise.)

and Oliver’s was scaring me half to death while holding his breath (that’s him on the right):

But they all excelled at being friggin’ cute in the pool.



And as a fun bonus, here’s a video of all three diving for Ms Judy’s silver bracelet. Don’t ask who that screechy voice is yelling in the video. Uh, I have no idea.

7 thoughts on “The final swimming post

  1. Katie

    Pam, they have done SOOO good…they remind me so much of my boys last year. mine have never used swimmies and have been swimming underwater, etc since three. So proud of your boys!!!


  2. Esther

    Your boys are amazing! Jason and I both frequent your blog and remark on how adorable/beautiful they are!! Thanks for posting such great pics!!!


  3. Wendy

    You are a better mother than I times 10. Just watching them go diving underwater had my gripping the couch cushion. Gotta get these water fears under control 😛
    Great job, boys! (and Momma)


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