2011 in review

Well, 2011 is over, so let’s briefly recap…

When the year started, the boys had just turned 3. They were still sleeping in cribs, and still in diapers. Looking back, it’s hard to believe how far they’ve come in a year.

In January, though, they were potty-trained. And it was pretty easy. Whew.

My back was hurting from the disc I herniated in December.

Favorite photo of the month:

The boys moved into their big boy room. Another transition that went a thousand times better than I expected. I think it’s because we waited until they were older, but who knows why, really.

My back was hurting, and I had a steroid injection that made it worse. Bleh.

Favorite photo of the month:
I didn’t take it, but it’s of my sweet nephew Andrew.

I spent a weekend in Savannah with girlfriends. My back hurt.

Favorite photo of the month:

I visited my new nephew Andrew (and my niece and sister and brother in law, etc) in Virginia.

I had back surgery. It was the best thing I did all year. My pain was instantly gone, and the recovery wasn’t too bad.

Favorite photo:

Took photos of my coworkers brand-new identical twin boys. (Yeah, don’t drink the water in my office!)

Favorite photo:

Went to Boise for work. My sister and her family came to visit for our cousin’s wedding.

Favorite photo:

The boys took swimming lessons. They made huge improvements in the week of lessons, but by the end of the month, they were back to refusing to swim. Sigh.

Favorite photo:

We went to Virginia for Andrew’s christening. Everyone was sick, and I got barfed on on the plane, so it wasn’t the best trip ever, but we ended up having a great time anyway.

I sent in audition tapes for a new reality show, and I get “pitched to the network” but I never hear back from them. Boo!

And the boys started school at a new French Immersion school.

Favorite photo:

Nothing major happened, we were just getting used to our new schedule and routine. Oh, wait, my friends’ restaurant had its grand opening. That was pretty exciting.

Favorite photo:

Same old, same old. The boys were construction workers for Halloween.

Favorite photo:
Linus, Oliver, Miles

Passed in a blur. Spent Thanksgiving with my family. George and I celebrated our sixth anniversary.

Favorite photo:

The boys turned 4! Christmas! Two weeks off school! Linus gets Hand, Foot, and Mouth. Ugh.

Favorite photo:

Also in 2011:
– Construction began on the building across the street from our house in April. It is supposed to be completed by April 2012, and I cannot wait. I’m tired of the workers, the cars, the mess, the dirt, but it’ll all be worth it when it’s complete.

– I got more serious about photography. I never want to go into business as a photographer, but I do enjoy photographing my friends’ kids. Just for fun. And related to that, I completed another 365 project! I was all set to not do one in 2012, but I think I’ll just see how it goes. That’s what I did in 2011, and look where that got me!

The boys in 2011:
– Were obsessed with Cars for the first half of the year, and Thomas for the second half.
– Started pre-K at a French school and can count past 10 and know their colors in French.
– Got even pickier, food-wise.

So overall, I’d say it was a good year. Hopefully 2012 will be even better!

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  1. Ms. Jon Bright's Mother

    Dear Kocke family: Thank you for entertaining me in 2011. I can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store…xoxoxoxoxo


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