Boy, are the other parents going to *hate* me.

So, I decided to do the ubiquitous lollipop picture for the boys’ valentines for their class. (The card says, “Be Our Valentine!” and those are their signatures underneath.) Note I did one picture for all three. Big mistake. Today I learned they’d be distributing their valentines to all of their friends, and with one card for all three, that’d be impossible.

So I ran to the grocery at lunch and got two more cheapo, candy-based sets of Valentines so that all three will be able to give Valentines to their friends.

That means every family will get five pieces of candy from us tomorrow. Ha!

4 thoughts on “02/13/12

  1. Helen

    I’m pretty sure I’m going to be in trouble with our Valentine’s too… I got lazy and didn’t make enough for the boys to give one to each other, so even though I told them several times (and they were ok with it at the time) to SKIP their brothers’ boxes, I bet I hear it from the teachers at pick up. 😉


  2. Carolyn Kipper

    Ha, we did those too! I was so worried that I’d get to preschool and there would be a dozen other pinterested lollipop cards, but nope, just us! I love the pic you got.

    (Not sure if you remember me from the bump & SPN, but I just found your blog again, so hi!)


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