Weekend recap


Saturday was downright exhausting. I’m doing a half marathon on March 4 with a friend (run/walk) so we went out to the levee to do six miles. It was cold (FINALLY) and very windy, so it was tough in that regard, but it was a gorgeous morning and went so fast. How can half an hour on a treadmill at the gym feel like an eternity, but 90 minutes with a friend feels like 5 minutes? Glad I’m not doing the half alone!

A few from the path on the levee. Gorgeous! You can almost see my office from here.

After we were finished, I showered and got the boys dressed. We were off to a parade! We were going to a friend’s in-law’s condo on St. Charles Ave to watch it, and since Mardi Gras is still over a week away, it wasn’t terribly crowded. I was able to park about 8 blocks away, which is much better than last year, when I had to park probably 25 blocks away. No biggie if you don’t have a wagon with 100 lbs of kids to pull.


But it was cold. And windy. And guess what? I forgot their coats in the car. So poor Miles was freezing and very upset but I wasn’t about to haul them back to the car for their coats, so I made them stay with Megan and her family while I ran back to the car. (This on top of the 6 miles…) When I got back with their coats I was about to burst into flames.

Miles never really got into it, sadly. He pouted and cried the whole time.

Check out those giant tears!

The parade was over too quickly (there was only one) so it wasn’t long before we left.

(Waving to the streetcar)

Check out my friend’s daughter’s leggings. Love them. Ha!

After the parade, we went to Target to pick up a few things. And then we came home and I ended up going to bed at 10 pm. Zzzz.


Very cold but beautiful day. But I learned my lesson on Saturday. The only outside time we had was a little playing in our backyard.

Some outside pics:
They decorated the tree with Mardi Gras beads.



Linus is SUCH a ham:

And that’s about it! This week will be fun, with Valentine’s Day (nothing exciting planned, but the prospect of chocolate makes me happy) tomorrow and then on Wednesday, a school field trip to the zoo. I volunteered to chaperone. Gulp.

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  1. Wiley

    My mind is apparently evil, I contemplated what length race you could complete (walking, because even my evil contemplations are sane), pulling the wagon!


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