04/22/12 by pyjammy
04/22/12, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

We had a photoshoot today in the French Quarter with a photographer and I was shocked at how well the boys followed her direction. I’m actually contemplating sending in their pictures to an agent, even though the thought kind of makes me cringe.

As you can see here, they don’t follow direction for ME very well. Sigh.

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One thought on “04/22/12

  1. Yony Kim

    Hey Pam! It was so nice to meet you, your mom, and your boys today! Your kiddos were absolutely charming and it was an awesome shoot. I can tell you from having both personal and professional (shooting, that is, not modeling!) experience in the modeling industry that you should give it a shot! They are adorable and did take my direction very well. Hang tight for your sneak peeks and you guys take care! 🙂


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