First day of school, preK4-style

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Today was the first day of school for the boys. I mean, for this year. Their second “first day of school” ever. I was so ready for today to get here. The gap between camp ending and school starting (only a week and a half) involved a lot of driving and juggling childcare and last minute back-to-school tasks. So I’m glad we’ll be getting back into our school year routine.

But the routine will start tomorrow. Today I walked the boys in for their first day of class. It went about as well as could be expected. Look how happy they look before we left the house! (I told them to do their happy dances.)

first day prek4 009.jpg

Now serious:
first day prek4 003.jpg

Compare to last year. Gaaah! (They’re wearing the same shorts.)
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And then, because you KNOW I love to take the same type of picture over time, I did the “backpack” shot again. {Here’s last year’s shot}

first day prek4 029.jpg

On the drive to school (“new new school”, that is – “old school” is daycare and “new school” is the French school, but the old campus) the boys were informing me that they were NOT excited about school and they were NOT going to get out of the car. Dream on, kids.

I had to park kind of far away so that we could walk in (after today I’ll be dropping them off) but as we got closer, they got more trepidatious.
first day prek4 044.jpg

first day prek4 048.jpg

We went in, and I had to show them everyone’s classrooms, before I was able to leave Linus in his. He wasn’t thrilled with me. He cried. It took me a while to get him into the room, but eventually he did, without too many tears. Relatively speaking.

{No pictures. I was too busy trying to get myself extricated. And then I thought it would be cruel to take a picture of him crying for me.}

Oliver was next.

Okay, I lied. I had to take a picture. He was much harder to shake. I had to pry my hand from his with a crowbar. Ugh.

first day prek4 049.jpg

Finally, Miles and I made our way to his room. He seemed resigned to his fate at this point, so there were no tears. Just a bit of hand holding and some extra hugs. And “the lip.” But I was able to get a photo with his teacher.
first day prek4 051.jpg

Millie is in Miles’s class, so while I couldn’t get a picture of them together, at least I was able to get one of her with her mommy and daddy.
first day prek4 058.jpg

By the time I left Miles, everyone was calm. Whew. Hopefully they will have forgiven me by the time I see them tonight.

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  1. Audrey VONFELDT

    Bonne rentrée, les garçons ! Amusez-vous bien. I read your blog for a while and nether post. Mainly because english is not my mother tongue. I have triplets, three boys too, a little younger than yours. It is funny to see Linus, Miles and Oliver and to imagine that my boys will maybe do the same in a few years. Have a good day too !


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