Happy Valentine’s Day!

Don’t you just hate that you can’t abbreviate Valentine’s Day to VD? Har dee har har.

It’s not a holiday we celebrate very much. And this year, with Mardi Gras just two days ago, it kind of fell by the wayside. But I managed to get the boys some little stuffed monkeys (they really love stuffed animals) with conversation hearts (which they also love.) While we’re on the subject of gross candy, it slightly dismays me that the boys love conversation hearts, tootsie rolls, and bottle caps. Blech.

Anyway, they loved the monkeys.

Playing with them this morning. Okay, really I’m just posting this to show off my clean living room.

George surprised me with a gift certificate to a massage place, so I’ll be spending next Wednesday evening with Martha, destressing for ninety blissful minutes. Woo hoo!

Hope everyone has a lovely VD!