Kiki said I’m not blogging enough now, so here’s a post. I will intersperse cute pictures of the boys in with the words.

* Mardi Gras did bad things to my weight, so today is a fresh start. Back on Dukan. I really want to lose ten pounds by the end of March. So back to the gym as well. I went Sunday and Monday and this morning. My running has been going pretty well, but right now I’m concentrating on strength training.


* There’s something I want to blog about. I think. I’m just not 100% sure yet. How’s that for vague?


* Miles is so sweet. I’ve noticed lately that he has been giving his brothers things to make them happy. Candy from his Valentine’s party at school, and the remote control this morning. Both things he really loves!


* Linus asked me this morning about belly buttons. They’re hard to explain!


* Because I’m concentrating more on strength training than cardio right now, I fear my 500 mile goal for the year won’t be met. But it’s only February. I shan’t give up yet!

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