5 weeks to go

So, I mentioned it a tiny bit at the end of my last post, but in case you missed that bit, in five weeks I’m having an abdominoplasty. What’s that? Well, don’t search for it on YouTube, that’s for sure, unless you like disgusting things. It’s just the technical term for a tummy tuck. That’s what I’m having. There, I said it.

I’m sure you can imagine (and you’ll have to imagine, because I’ll never post a photo of the evidence) what a triplet pregnancy does to a stomach. Muscles are torn, skin is streettttttched, and things just don’t go back the way they were before. It’s not pretty.


So since I have five excruciatingly long weeks before my surgery, I’ve been trying to fill up the weekends so the time will pass quickly. So much going on!

This weekend, I’m photographing infant quadruplets (!) and taking the boys to a Hornets game. So fun!

The following weekend, there’s an Easter Egg Hunt benefitting the March of Dimes. NOLA people, you should come!


Since I am a contributor for New Orleans Moms Blog, I will be wearing bunny ears. Heh.

Later that day is the Candy Land Ball, to raise funds for our favorite neighborhood park. A party revolving around candy. I don’t know who’s going to have more fun, me or the boys…

The next day, I’m photographing about a million kids, literally.

So yeah, I’m going to be tired after that weekend. But I’ll still have so much time to fill! But it’s okay, I’m full of ideas. And George will be able to walk again in less than two weeks! Oh, and I have jury duty for the first two weeks of March. Yeah, that’s going to just make the time fly by. I’ve got two baby showers to go to, which means one newborn to photograph before my surgery (and one after.) This gorgeous girl will be a big sister in less than a month!

Exciting stuff!

3 thoughts on “5 weeks to go

  1. mary

    Long time reader here. Early congrats on the abdominoplasty (it tells me that is misspelled, red line under it). I’m sure the results will be awesome. Wish I could have one too!


  2. nikinikinine

    Yes!! Good for you! I’m planning on January 2014. Can’t wait to heat how you feel and how you heal! Congrats 🙂


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