365 in 2014: 01/10/14

Burrito Friday is a thing at Automattic, and this is purported to be one of the best burrito places in San Francisco. I don’t know about that, but my carne asada burrito was damn good.

One thought on “365 in 2014: 01/10/14

  1. Ann

    hi Pam, are you still in SF? did you go to this Ghirardelli shop? Full of customers.. no place to sit :)… and I make a Pressed penny souvenir which can be found ard the tourist place. and sent post card back to m’sia. and took photo with the big HEART status infront the Union Square ., I love it.. so beautiful and just i realize the picture on the HEART is different now, maybe they change it frm time to time.


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