365 in 2014: 02/07/14

Big milestone! Linus lost his first tooth! He was so nervous yesterday (it was super wiggly, thanks to an errant shoe to the mouth courtesy of Oliver) but by today he was just ready for it to be out. Not ready enough to attach a rocket to it, mind you, but ready.

His brothers were nearly as proud as he was. So sweet!

Now I just have to manage to sneak into their room later to do my Tooth Fairy duties.

But that gap made me a bit teary. The last vestiges of babyhood are going. Sniff, sniff.

One thought on “365 in 2014: 02/07/14

  1. Nalani Sheils

    First tooth, that is definitely a big one. My girls are much younger, 3 and 21 months, I think I’ll cry when they lose their first tooth! I wanted to know if you might have a few minutes to talk with me about your experiences as a mom working in the tech industry. I’m currently trying to chart my path in life and would really appreciate some real life advice. Please let me know if you might have a chance. Thanks!


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