Things happening soon

All of my energy for the past month or two has been focused on the Grand Meetup. Now that it’s over (sob) I can start thinking about what’s coming up next.

Girl Power Triathlon

Oh, that’s this weekend. Which is pretty good, actually. All of the exercise I did at the GM (which was a lot) at 6900 feet will hopefully help. Yesterday I went for a run on the treadmill and it seemed easier than before. It could be psychological, or it could be something about being back at sea level, oxygen, etc, etc. Doesn’t matter, honestly. I’m hoping I do better than I did at Rocketchix, that’s my only goal.


That’s in less than four weeks now. Sunday (the triathlon) will be my last time wearing contacts ever in my whole entire life (I hope!) This makes me very happy. I am definitely avoiding thinking about anything involving lasers and my eyeballs.


The boys don’t seem to care about what they’re going to be this year. This dismays me. Not that I get super into it (except for the candy part), but aren’t they a little young to be jaded about it already?

Their birthday

Likewise, they don’t seem to care about their birthday party. As long as they get some form of Nintendo DS, they’re good. Considering how much three of those suckers cost, I probably should just forego a birthday party altogether. I’m sad how much this prospect appeals to me.

In other, more current news, I have to share this little story. I was helping a user a few weeks back, and it turns out their website is for a podcast they do for kids. The subject of the podcast is video games, toys, etc. Um, I might know three little kids who would enjoy this podcast. Anyway, the user was so happy with my help (pats self on back) that the boys and I got a shout-out in this week’s episode. Check it out. And, they want the boys to be guest hosts one day. Ack! I cannot imagine anything more adorable. Love.

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  1. Jeanie

    You can get Nintendo DSs (or 3DSs) for pretty cheap on Craigslist nowadays! Some obviously in more used conditions than others, but they usually run for around $100-150 used. I also might have a few games lying around depending on what console you decide to go with. 🙂


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