Thursday thirteen

Man, couldn’t we have any numbers lower than thirteen that start with “th”? Maybe I should save this for tomorrow so I only have to come up with four things to say. Or maybe I don’t have to have alliterative post titles. Hmm.

However, it has been a while since I’ve posted, so I shall try to come up with thirteen things.

  1. Third grade is going well so far. The boys all like their teachers and when I pick them up, are in good spirits. Woo!
  2. Speaking of school, we now have five kids in carpool! Ann Francis started preK-4 this year and I love having her in the car. She is so dang cute, I can hardly stand it. And she calls me Pammy and it’s freaking adorable. Gah. img_3052
  3. Took the boys to see two movies last weekend. Kubo and the Two Strings and Pete’s Dragon. Kubo was fantastic and Pete’s Dragon (or Elliot’s Human, as the boys called it) was good, but suffered by comparison. We all decided we should have seen Pete’s Dragon first, then it would have seemed better.
  4. Two weeks until I head to Whister, BC for my week-long company-wide work trip. So excited to see all of my coworkers and to work together in person and all that good stuff.
  5. I volunteered to be a room mom in Miles’s class. Figured it was time to give back a little.
  6. I had to pick up Oliver from school early today for the second time this week. Back to school germs suck.
  7. Last weekend was the fourth annual New Orleans Moms Blog Mom’s Night Out. My hair looked great. It was a wedding theme, so I had the hair people put my wedding hair clips in. Aw!img_3082
  8. I really need some new brown boots and am having the eternal struggle – buy cheap and toss them after winter’s over (like I do every year) or buy quality for once? The problem is, apparently only people with thin calves want nice boots because even the “wide calf” versions are too small for my, ahem, athletic calves. Boo.
  9. We got to play with tiny puppies and now the boys are convinced Ziggy needs a friend. I am not convinced at all, but dang, those puppies were adorable! img_3040
  10. My hair is finally getting longer. And look at this great necklace I got from my friend Bea! Proceeds went to a family she knows who lost everything in the floods.IMG_3062
  11. Carpool chaos. Don’t worry, we weren’t moving.img_3051
  12. Miles as a troll.img_3069
  13. I’m all about puppies this week. IMG_3074

I did it! 13 things!


4 thoughts on “Thursday thirteen

  1. Re. I really need some new brown boots and am having the eternal struggle – buy cheap and toss them after winter’s over (like I do every year) or buy quality for once?

    Buy quality! Every time I cheap out, I end up hating what I’ve bought. I still remember the two pairs of boots that I’ve loved in my lifetime. I wore those for years until they fell apart/no longer fit after having kids, and the overall cost of owning them was much less than if I’d bought several pairs of the cheap ones.


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