Month 105


Due to inclement weather, we had to take this month’s picture inside. And due to our small living room, the proportions of this picture are a bit off as well.

How did I get those smiles, you might ask? I just pulled out my old trick from when they were toddlers and yelled, “POOP!” Worked like a charm.

Also, they look a lot more alike in black and white.


5 thoughts on “Month 105

  1. Lord K XVII

    Oh, they’re not the same height? Or just because the way they sit?

    I also have identical triplets of my own, sometime will wondering when they will have obvious differences, or they will always be identical πŸ™‚


  2. Gordon

    Is that a Wookiee with a basketball on Miles’ shirt? A friend of mine played one of the Wookiees, and he’s a basketballer too. Are the boys much into Star Wars?



    1. Pam Kocke

      It is! We also have a storm trooper playing baseball and Darth Vader playing something else. Can’t remember. We got them at Old Navy. I should send you the shirt when it’s outgrown so you can give it to your friend. πŸ˜€
      The boys are not SUPER into Star Wars, but they are a bit.


      1. Gordon

        Doubt that it would fit him, he’s around 6’11” tall πŸ™‚ Played Captain Tarfful, the leader of the Wookiees on Kashyyk. I have a signed pic of him here if the boys would like it (only 1, unfortunately).



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