Automattic Grand Meetup 2017

Back to Whistler!

And even more gorgeous than last year. The weather was stunning until the last day, and even in the rainy mist it was beautiful. On to the pics!

Day 1: Arrival and the opening party

Checked into hotel, found the view of the pool wasn’t quite as nice as last year, but I’m not complaining.

Look, it’s Bob! Not my big brother! Bob looks like my brother, only with dimples and technically younger than me by a couple of months. (But seriously tho.)

Day 2: Team day!

Spent the day with my amazing team. Later took a company pic.


The whole Athena team, including our rotations Hannah, Dan, and Cécile (on phone hee hee)


Day 3: Work and a walk to a lake to see aurora borealis stars

Everyone loves their Athena shirts!


twinsies Matt and Andrew


Day 4: Work and later, an escape room from which we did not escape. We also did a scavenger hunt with our “home room” which was super fun and if we hadn’t been late getting back we TOTALLY would have won. Heh.


Day 5: 5k in the morning and then work

I didn’t quite run the entire thing (hills ugh) but also I absolutely had to take photos of Lost Lake. Last year we hiked there but ended up on a less-picturesque side. So pretty!

Day 6: Fun and work

Took the gondola up with coworkers. Last year it was cloudy and freezing. This time, the view was so much better!

Headed up:

At the top:

I also brought up my film camera, so stay tuned for many, many more pics from the mountaintop (I hope!)

Day 7: Chill and work and closing party


Shopped with Zandy in Whistler Village.


Took pics of flowers.


Ring in a Ring:

Pretty gray village:


Closing party!!! Prom themed, so we got all gussied up.




Day 8: Home

My trip home wasn’t the best. First, I realized I left my beloved noise-canceling headphones in my hotel room. Still working on getting those back. And then my flight home had all sorts of problems that ended up spending the night in Houston with several coworkers. I missed my boys! But at least I wasn’t alone.


With a bunch of Automatticians in the Houston airport at 11pm at the only open restaurant.


Day 9: Okay home now for real this time


Finally, something goes right! First bag off the plane.


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