Whistler on film

I brought my film camera (the old, beaten up Pentax K1000 that I’ve had since I was about ten) to Whistler, thinking the scenery there would make for much better photos than my backyard. I was sorta right…

I don’t know if the film was not great, or if I wasn’t getting exposure right or what, but these pictures feel a bit muddier and grainier than my last batch. I think the film was ISO400 this time as opposed to ISO200, which would certainly explain the grain. And I bought a new battery in Whistler but somehow the meter kept konking out. So maybe I just need more practice? Better film? A fresher battery? A less beat up camera? (Though this isn’t a hobby I want to invest a ton of money in.)

(None of these photos have been edited digitally in any way. The negatives were scanned for me at the photo lab.)

It’s also interesting to compare these with the photos I took with my phone. Maybe I’m just used to digital photography. I want to argue that the film pictures feel warmer or something, maybe I’m just hopelessly nostalgic or fooling myself.

Film left, iPhone right.

I look at the left photo and it just feels nice, but then I look at the right one and I think “oh yes, that’s much better.”

Who knows? Maybe I just need to try with better film, for a start.


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2 thoughts on “Whistler on film

  1. wendybphotos

    I use Fuji200 film- and I think your exposures look good, not muddy at all. The sharpness won’t ever be what digital is with a 20 year old camera and consumer film, but these are still really good! When I look at my digital stuff for work, I’m like… eh. Anyone could have shot that. But when I see my film stuff, I’m like ::heart eyes:: I have taken my film scans in to LR and down some sharpening for print a couple times, but anything I share online is SOOC 😀


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