Wrapping up Me Made May 2018

I did it! Every day in May, I wore something I made. Now, granted, near the end of the month, I didn’t post to Instagram every day because I was sick of taking pictures of myself in the same clothes I’d already posted 15 times before. (Always clean. I do a lot of laundry.)

So here’s how I rounded out the month:

May 22: The striped P4P shirt:

May 23: The first skirt I made, the whale skirt!

May 24: I’m just trying to get a good picture of the hat, but it’s hard because it’s so big, so I look kind of puzzled, but you can see I’m wearing my Cashmerette Webster shirt.


May 25: Hmm, no picture today. I think I wore the purple Concord. But I did wear my hat while the boys played soccer at the park. Or I might have been wearing the new black Concord I made that needs to be taken in at the sides.

Face in the shade.

May 26: Finally wore the rainbow dress! I worked on this dress for a while, intending to wear it to my reunion, but then I didn’t want to, so I wore it out to dinner for Stephanie’s birthday instead. And took embarrassing pictures on the restaurant patio. It’s the Blank Slate Leralynn (like the squares dress) but I messed up the neckline. Oh well! Only I know, really. But isn’t this fabric the best? I love it so much (except sewing with it. That wasn’t as fun.)

May 27: No picture, but I wore something I made. Something. I just don’t know what. I’ll bet it was purple.

May 28: Memorial Day – I wore the pink squares pair of Linen Loungers, but no pics. Well, not of me, but I do have cute pictures of Ziggy being social at our friend’s barbecue.

May 29: Snoballs after school! Me in my Seamwork Akita top.


May 30: Last day of school! I wore my striped Patterns for Pirates shirt to the bus stop and jumped for joy. You’ve seen this picture already.

May 31: I rounded out the month with one more shirt! This is the Blanc tee by Blank Slate patterns. I think it’s free if you buy anything, which is nice. It’s super fast and easy to make. Next time I’ll probably make it a tad narrower and also longer, but it’s a great easy make!


Sorry for all the Instagram pics this time, that was lazy of me.

In other sewing news, this weekend I got to sew with other people! That was very exciting. I went to a local sewing store and made pillowcase dresses for kids in Haiti with five other sewists. It was fun and I cannot believe I didn’t take any pictures. What is wrong with me? Hopefully the sewing store will post something on their social media.

I also made another hat yesterday for myself (needed something with a smaller brim for summer soccer, which starts this week) and a skirt with pockets out of the fabric I bought at the aforementioned sewing store. It ended up being a little too big in the waist so I need to figure out how to take it in, and I couldn’t get a good picture of it, but here’s the fabric:


It’s double gauze! I’m very excited by this fact.


I also got a sewing desk off FB Marketplace for half the cost of new (and it’s from IKEA so getting it new is kind of out of the question anyway) and I’m very very very excited not to be sewing on a sagging plastic folding table anymore. And with my serger off to the side? It’s so much better. And I got a small folding tabletop ironing board too. And then I hung up my thread racks and now it’s all just too exciting to bear so I shall end this post now.


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