Looking cute and drawing all over their faces.


We took the boys to the pediatrician yesterday for their 3 year well visit. They’re gettin’ bigger!

Linus: 33.9 lbs (75th); 37.4″ tall (50th)
Oliver: 32.9 lbs (50th); 38.1″ tall (50-75th)
Miles: 33.5 lbs (50-75th); 37.1″ tall (50th)

For what it’s worth, I don’t think the heights are accurate. Oliver was the only one who would stand up straight) and I’m stunned that Miles weighs a whole half-pound more than Oliver, but he might have eaten more lunch than Oliver, too. I’m trying not to get panicky about their weight moving up in the percentiles while their height remains the same. I’m just going to have to hope they’ll start eating more vegetables, or something. Ugh.

at their 2.5 year visit, they were:
Linus: 30.7 lbs (50th); 36.5? tall (50-75th)
Oliver: 30.6 lbs (50th); 37? tall (75th)
Miles: 29.9 lbs (25-50th); 36.6? tall (50-75th)




The boys, wearing their new birthday shirts again, playing with their newest toys in their extremely organized playroom. Woo hoo!



This pretty much sums up the first half of their birthday party. Ha ha!

(Miles – Linus – Oliver)



My best friend (Kristina, or Kiki to the boys) came down from Virginia today to hang out and help with the boys’ birthday party. I was worried the boys would be standoffish for a bit, but I needn’t have worried. 🙂

It’s especially nice having her here because I am suffering from cripplingly bad sciatica pain and I can barely do much at all. I know George is glad to have an extra pair of hands to help the boys fly around the room.



Linus very carefully opens the first box in the Advent calendar. It was a battle, but the only opened the one. Whew.



I got the boys Advent calendars to start tomorrow. I think the concept was a little over their head (the part where they only get to open ONE window at a time especially) but we’ll see in the morning….



Fun in the bath! I found some old bathtub markers and lo and behold, I was able to get all three boys to sit down in the tub. Whew.



One of my many failed attempts at a Christmas card photo today. Oliver wouldn’t stand up, and Miles and Linus just wanted to jump. And there was that blue trailer back there. At least I ended up getting some decent shots to use. Whew, I don’t want to try that again!



A pensive Ollie-ver. The light was so pretty, I didn’t even touch this picture. I love his sweet red lips, but something’s gotta be done about the hair.



It was a very lazy day in our house. Mostly because I was recovering from spending five hours at Toys R Us and getting up after only four hours of sleep.