One year stats

I just realized I haven’t posted the boys’ one year stats yet. It’s been a tiring week month year. Bear with me.

One year! Here is my official one year post….

Linus: 20 lbs, 8.5 oz (10th-25th); 30.25″ long (50th-75th); HC 46″ (25-50th)
Oliver: 20 lbs, 12.5 oz (25th); 30″ long (50th); HC 47″ (50th-75th)
Miles: 19 lbs, 12 oz (10th); 30″ long (50th); HC 46.5″ (50th)

at 10 months, their stats were:
Linus: 18#5.5oz (6th); 28.5″ long (32nd)
Oliver: 18#2.5oz (5th); 28.75″ long (41st)
Miles: 17#3oz (<3rd); 28″ long (17th)

So I’m quite pleased at how much they’ve come up the charts on their weight. Whew!

Now, what are they doing? Well, they’re all
– Pulling to standing
– Mimicking sounds we make
– Drinking milk out of sippy cups
– Dropping things on purpose
– Giving “five” (okay, grabbing your hand when you put it out.)
– Climbing on everything they can (which, admittedly, is not much)
– Wearing 12-18 month tops, but 9 month pants.
– Chasing each other around their playroom. Oh man, this is the best. They just giggle uncontrollably, looking back at whoever’s chasing them. It’s so cute.
– Waving

Linus is:
– Very good at mimicking sounds (more so than the other two, i think)
– My little frat boy. Loves to drop his pants and giggle about it.

Oliver is:
– very fond of giving you things. Very sweet, even when it’s a soggy, half-eaten cracker
– still very much a mama’s boy. Has the worst separation anxiety

Miles is:
– standing on his own! He’s gotten quite good at standing and will do it for several seconds now – maybe 10-15 before he gets bored? I think he has the balance thing down, he’s just trying to figure out what to do next.
– clapping sometimes, if I prompt him.

Okay, maybe I need to pay more attention to my kids. They’re definitely doing more than this, but come on. I’m tired.

The most exciting recent development of all, though, is NO MORE BOTTLES! Yippee! I think they got their last bottle on Thursday night, and since then, it’s been sippy cups of milk only. Yahoo! We have to go to the pediatrician again today so hopefully there hasn’t been any drastic weight loss in the last week or anything. Hmm. And tomorrow is a visit to the ENT for all three. Sigh.

Weekend recap

Must recap the last few days. I am beyond exhausted, so much has been going on!

So let’s start with Friday…

That morning, I dropped the boys off at daycare so I could get some things done in the morning. At around 11:30, I headed to daycare for their birthday party there, which really just involved getting cake and sharing it with the other kids.

My mom met me there, and then she and the daycare teachers helped me get the boys changed. We were off to the NICU party at the hospital. It was pretty crowded and very hot, but I was glad to see some friends there and to see my beloved doctor who delivered the boys. It was also neat to see some of the NICU nurses and my doctor’s nurse who also had triplets (weird, eh?)

Meanwhile, there’s a TV news camera there, shooting footage. He gets some of the boys, but he didn’t do any interviews or anything. Which is weird, because later that day, the channel that shot the footage is doing commercials for that night’s news broadcast. “Featuring a follow-up, one year later with the triplets and quads born all on the same day.” So they’re showing footage of me holding the boys and George and I being interviewed, from last year, on this promo. But we were never told there was a “follow up” story! It was very strange.

So the news comes on, and basically they show a few shots of the boys (never saying who, exactly, they are) along with a bunch of other kids at the party. Weird. There’s some raw footage of the event here, and a written story here. Anyhoo. Not sure if that made any sense. Sorry.

At the NICU reunion with the quads:

That night, after we get the boys to bed, my mom and I go shop for some party supplies.


Wake up, start decorating. My mom makes the frosting for the cupcakes. I am getting super-stressed because the party is approaching, nothing is getting done, the boys won’t take naps, the house is still a mess, I am still wearing my pajamas (though I’d already showered) and people will be arriving soon.

But by the time three o’clock rolls around, things are falling into place, and some friends came over to help get ready. The party itself actually goes really well. The boys (esp Oliver) won’t wear the gorgeous party hats I had made for them, and the house isn’t as neat as I’d hoped it would be, but everyone (including the boys) had a good time. So, what more can you ask for? They got a lot of loot, as you can imagine. A Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn House. Four ride-on toys. (The Mater one from Cars is my favorite, and theirs. Hee!) Some wooden puzzles. A huge box of wipes (I asked for those, heh). Some money for the 529s I’m going to open soon. Some cute sweaters. Lots of toys. Lots and lots of toys. I’m going to be saving some for later in the year.

And now, some pictures!

Cozy coupe! Loooove. And lookie, a bow on top! I love that. πŸ™‚

The cupcakes and food. And cheap beer.

The felt flag banner that I spent many, many hours working on.

The playroom looked like a daycare…

Now, I can show you pictures of the boys eating their cake…


(Oliver) (who did a little palate-cleansing with some Cheerios, but don’t worry, he finished his cake too.)


You should have seen Miles with the cake. He was literally licking the plate. Well, here, you can see:

I’m kind of sad I don’t have any pictures from outside. It was a beautiful day, even though it was a bit chilly. I hung up flags (the plastic pennants that car dealerships use, you know?) and bunches of helium balloons. It was festive. πŸ™‚

So anyway. Yesterday we just kind of lazed around. Cleaned up a bit, but mostly just hung around the house. Last night we pulled the boys in the wagon down to our friends’ pizza place for a Christmas party. Oh my god, the food was amazing (not pizza.) They had prime rib and charbroiled oysters and stuffed mushrooms and cauliflower soup and smoked duck and some kind of salmon and grilled asparagus…oh man. The boys were being v crabby though, so we left after a bit. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

Today I took them to the pediatrician for their one year well-baby visit. They weren’t quite well, so we have to go back next week for their shots. After two rounds of antibiotics, they still have fluid in their ears, so we have to make an appointment with an ear doctor as well. Sigh.

As for their stats, I left the sheets in my car, but guess what? Oliver is bigger than Linus again! Those two, they just can’t stop competing for the title of “Heaviest Baby in the House.” They’re all about 30″ long though.

Oh yeah, one more thing. I may have already mentioned this, if so, sorry. πŸ™‚ Make sure you watch at least the beginning of the show about the deaf and blind triplets that will be on Discovery Health on the 17th. The boys’ ultrasound will be used for it.

11 months old!

In honor of Election Day falling on the same day as the boys’ 11 month birthday, we put them in red, white, and blue for their picture. Aw!

I don’t have stats on all of them this month, just Miles since I had to take him to the ped yesterday for an ear infection. He weighs 19 lbs, 3 oz (up 2 lbs since last month, thank God.) So I am guessing the other two are around 20 lbs. Wow!

11 months old!

Let’s see, what are they up to right now?

– They are all crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything.
– They babble all the time. “Dadadadada” is v popular, but fortunately, so is “mmmmaaaamamamama” too. Not that they’re talking to us, but it’s still sweet to hear. “Ga” and “ba” are also popular.
– Teeth! Lots of teeth. They all have their two bottom teeth, and I think they are all getting in four top teeth too. None of those are completely in yet, though. But they’re getting there.
– They’re eating well. Since last month’s weight loss, we added back another bottle to make sure they were getting enough calories. That worked! So in addition to four bottles a day, they’re eating three good solid meals and a ton of Cheerios. What is it with babies and Cheerios, for real?
– They have also demonstrated their love for cake, chicken, pasta, macaroni and cheese, pulled pork, blueberry muffins, and yogurt. Actually, pretty much anything. I want to continue giving them new and different foods, and so far, they don’t seem to be too picky. Yet.
– I don’t think they’re going to be walking by their birthday (whew!) but I do think they probably will be by their adjusted birthday (January 20th). Miles was standing the other day, and let go of what he was holding on to (me) and wobbled for a few seconds. Ack!
– We had some sickies this month. A week of diarrhea (blech) and Miles had a bad ear infection this past weekend. If I recall, we had them at the beginning of the month too. Ugh. All these EIs just run together…

Happy 11 months, boys, I cannot believe you’re going to be one in a month.

And Happy Birthday to Chloe! She is one today! Hurrah!

10 month stats

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. Have been v v busy with work stuff, and so I just haven’t had time. But now it’s 7:30 on a Saturday morning, and before I go back into meetings, I thought I’d post a little bit.

The boys had their 10 month well baby visit on Wednesday and they all lost weight. I freaked out for a little while about it, but was pretty reassured when I found out it was common due to all of the crawling that’s been taking place. Whew!

Last month’s stats:
Linus: 18#8oz (20th); 28″ long (45th)
Oliver: 18#6oz (19th); 28″ long (45th)
Miles: 17#10oz (10th); 28″ long (45th)

This month’s stats:
Linus: 18#5.5oz (6th); 28.5″ long (32nd)
Oliver: 18#2.5oz (5th); 28.75″ long (41st)
Miles: 17#3oz (<3rd); 28″ long (17th)

Now we just need to make sure they all drink their formula and then we can give them solids. Especially my little Miles-peanut!

In other news, am v excited because a week from today is our photo session with our wedding photographer. Hopefully the boys will cooperate and be cute!

8 months old!

Happy 8 months, my baby boys!

They are doing so much now! Miles and Oliver are getting up on all fours – gulp! Linus has gotten pretty good at scootching around on his belly, and I saw Miles covering some ground this morning too. Eep! Mobility is getting closer! We’re working on switching some rooms around so that they can have our current bedroom as their playroom, which will be a lot safer than any other option. That’ll be fun!

We’ve also introduced the sippy cup and puffs, neither of which is a big hit yet. They’re not quite sure what to do with the cup, and the puffs make them puzzled and confused. Hee!

They’re wearing size 6-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. They eat 2-3 solid “meals” a day and 4-5 bottles. They’re sleeping 12 hours at night, with only the occasional wakeup that requires a pat on the back or a pacifier replacement.

Oliver took his first plane ride this month, and all three boys have now slept away from Mommy and Daddy at their paternal grandparent’s house. My mom just needs to take them overnight now, heh heh! (Though Linus and Miles have spent the night there too without me.)

No idea on their weight or lengths – we don’t go back to the pediatrician until next month.

7 month ped visit

Today the boys had their seven month ped visit, and yet again, Linus topped Oliver in the weight category!

Stats are:
Linus: 17#8.5oz (25-50th); 27.5″ long (50-75th); HC 44cm (25-50th)
Oliver: 17#5.5oz (25-50th); 27.5″ long (50-75th); HC 44.25cm (50th)
Miles: 16#13.5oz (10-25th); 27.25″ long (50th)
; HC 44cm (25-50th)

And last month:

Linus: 16#5.5oz (25-50th); 26.5″ long (50th); HC 43cm (25-50th)
Oliver: 16#9.5oz (25-50th); 27″ long (75th); HC 44cm (50th)
Miles: 15#14oz (25th); 25.5″ long (25th)
(actually, this is incorrect, or he shrunk since last month!); HC 43.5cm (25-50th)

So, they really haven’t moved off their growth percentiles much (Miles appears to have shot up in height, but that’s due to a faulty measurement last month.) And to be honest, Linus had a poopy diaper when he was weighed. I changed him and unofficially weighed him again, and he lost 3.5 oz! That’s QUITE a poopy diaper, yes? Ew. Sorry. But Oliver’s diaper was full too (sorry, gross) so I think Linus still weighs more.

Anyhoo. Here’s what they’re doing now…

– Eating between 2-3 solid meals a day, plus 5-6 bottles. Geesh! They like rice cereal, bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, pears…okay, basically all of the stage 1 foods. I mashed them up an avocado once, but they weren’t impressed. I’ll try it again later. I’m not worried. So far they’re not picky at all.

– Sitting up a little bit, but not great. They can’t make themselves sit up, I have to put them in that position. But they can hold themselves in position for a few seconds (maybe 10-15) before they topple over.

– Babbling a lot, esp Linus and Oliver. Miles is a bit quieter, but he still does his share of chattering.

– They are starting to laugh at things we do, instead of just by being kissed all over or me tickling them with my hair.

– They LOVE to stand.

– They LOVE the taste of hands. Mmmmm, hands. Theirs, yours, mine, whatever hand is available will go right into mouth!

– No teeth yet, but I swear I feel one popping up in Linus’s mouth, but maybe not. We’ll see.

– Drooling like mad. It’s crazy. Like someone turned on a faucet in their head. Nice.

– Starting to get a little separation anxiety? They now outstretch their arms when they want to be picked up. And whine. Fun. But it is kind of sweet, too.

– Love the exersaucers, walker. The swings are about to be gone for good. They love to suck on their feet now, which is looking more and more dangerous is the swing. Not very fond of the Bumbos anymore, either.

– As just mentioned, they found their feet! Love to eat them. Yum, feet.

– STTN is still elusive. They’re good about not eating during the night, but sometimes they’ll wake up and fuss. I think we’ve gotten two solid nights of STTN in a month. Sigh.

I guess that’s it for now, if I remember anything else, I’ll update this entry.

Pics of Oliver and Miles I took today while Linus was hanging out with George. Note the copious amounts of drool…


Wide-eyed Oliver:

Miles’s eyelashes:

Brother’s face is fun to play with:

Six months old!

Six month stats:

Linus: 16#5.5oz (25-50th); 26.5″ long (50th); HC 43cm (25-50th)
Oliver: 16#9.5oz (25-50th); 27″ long (75th); HC 44cm (50th)
Miles: 15#14oz (25th); 25.5″ long (25th) (actually, this is incorrect, or he shrunk since last month!); HC 43.5cm (25-50th)

Oliver has regained his title as Chunker. He also has some fluid in his ears, which we’re going to PRAY doesn’t turn into an ear infection, but other than that, they’re doing great!

Our friends opened a pizza place today in our neighborhood, so George and I stopped in for a slice after the appointment. Yum! It was so good. We’re looking forward to pizza for lunch and dinner for every meal for the forseeable future. Hee hee! If you’re ever in our neighborhood, be sure to stop by the Gulf station for a slice! (It’s located in a very old gas station that’s obviously not a gas station anymore.)

My first Mother’s Day and 5 month stats

Hope all the mommies out there had a nice Mother’s Day. Mine was pretty good. The weather was beautiful, our moms came over, and we ate steak. It was nice. The boys posed for a picture with me. I think it’s probably the last time I’ll be able to hold them all at the same time. They’re getting so big!

On Friday the boys had their five month ped visit. They’re huuuuge! And the biggest news is that Linus is now bigger than Oliver!

Linus: 15#12oz (25-50th); 26″ long (50-75th); HC 42.5cm (25-50th)
Oliver: 15#11oz (25-50th); 26.5″ long (75th); HC 43cm (25-50th)
Miles: 15#0.5oz (25th); 26″ long (50th); HC 42.5cm (25-50th)

Miles is now rolling both ways. Oliver can roll front-to-back and so can Linus, I think. I’m not sure if I’ve witnessed those two doing back to front like Miles. They’re all babbling all the time, and the best part is to each other. It’s so cute to watch. Oliver is a champion thumb-sucker. They now sleep unswaddled, just in their sleep sacks, which has made for some rough nights lately. Like last night. Let’s just say I’m wearing my glasses today, not my contacts. That’s something I only do when I can’t have the weight of contacts weighing down my already heavy eyes. Zzzzz.

The ped says when they start eating solids, they should drop their middle of the night feeding. Man, I hope so. They still show no interest in eating off spoons:

Obviously, they don’t mind having it around their mouth. Just not in it.

Linus had pinkeye last week. He looked like a pirate. Arrrgh!

On Sunday, the boys are getting filmed for the news again. Did I already mention that? Anyway. Exciting! I’ll post more details when we have them.

Edited to add: Just goes to show how tired I am. I already posted their new stats. And about the news thing. oh well. zzzzzz.


Four months old!

Yeah, no duh, that was 11 days ago! Well, I’ve been busy. So there. And their ped appointment was on the 11th, so I didn’t want to post before then anyway. Geez, get off my back!


First, the cuteness:
4 months old!

The stats:

Linus: 14#9.5oz (50th); 25″ long (50th); HC 41.5cm (25-50th)
Oliver: 14#11oz (50th); 24.5″ long (25-50th); HC 43.5cm (50-75th)
Miles: 13#15oz (25-50th); 24.25″ long (25-50th); HC 42cm (50th)

To compare, at 3 months:
Linus: 12 lbs, 14.5 oz (25-50th percentile); 23.75″ long (25-50th percentile)
Oliver: 13 lbs, 5 oz (50th percentile); 23.75″ long (25-50th percentile)
Miles: 12 lbs, 7.5 oz (25th percentile); 22.75″ long (10th percentile)

So they’re growing, yes indeed!

I’d love to make a longer post about how they’re doing, but I’ll have to save that for later. Right now a baby is crying, I need to finish my coffee and get them ready for school. πŸ™‚

3 months old!

Yesterday the boys turned three months old. Three months?!? Where has the time gone? Seriously. I have a feeling I’ve said that every month and that I will continue to do so…

At their ped visit, their stats were:

Linus:Β  12 lbs, 14.5 oz (25-50th percentile); 23.75″ long (25-50th percentile)

Oliver: 13 lbs, 5 oz (50th percentile); 23.75″ long (25-50th percentile)

Miles: 12 lbs, 7.5 oz (25th percentile); 22.75″ long (10th percentile)

So Oliver’s still my chunk, and Miles is still my runt.Β  The doctor eased my worries about their development (I think I’m just paranoid about it, and have to continually remind myself that while physically, they’re normal for their age, developmentally we have to go by their adjusted age.) and said they’re healthy boys. They got two shots each, and handled them pretty well.

Let’s see…what can I say about them?

– Eating up to 6 oz at a feeding, but mostly 3-4 at a time.
– Sleeping a 5-6 hour stretch in the late evening, but for the most part, still eating every 3 hours during the night. Ugh.
– We’re getting pretty decent smiles out of all of them, but it’s still pretty sporadic. Better than nothing.
– They make the cutest “gaah” and “oooooh” and “awww” sounds. Kills me.
– They don’t poop nearly as much as they used to. Whew!

On a related note, I sent my MFM a birth announcement and a note saying how grateful I was to him and his staff for getting my boys to me so healthy. Today I got a note in the mail from him. I was almost in tears reading it.

“Pam –
Thanks for the pictures and the nice words. Your boys are beautiful. You did more than any of us to get them here safely.
Miracles are possible – AR”

Sniff, sniff. See why I loved him?




Also, did anyone see the article about the identical triplets in NY? It’s kind of annoying, because where the heck was my news conference? Heh. For the record, no, I still haven’t found out if they’re identical. So when I do find out, then do I get to be famous? Hee!


I got me some big ol’ babies!

Yesterday, we went to the WIC office to apply for benefits and while we were there, the boys got weighed. (Yes, I had to bring them! Gaah! It wasn’t so bad, though. A friend came with me and helped.)

Let’s remember that the boys weighed between 4 lbs 3 oz and 4 lbs 10 oz when they were born, a mere 8 weeks ago.

Yesterday, their weights were:

Linus: 11 lbs, 10 oz
Oliver: 12 lbs, 1 oz (!!!)
Miles: 11 lbs, 4 oz

Gaah! We’re going to be eaten out of house and home when they’re teenagers! Tee hee!

We’re in Baton Rouge now for a few days. George has the flu and with Mardi Gras coming up, it’s just too depressing to be stuck in the house instead of watching parades, sipping daiquiris. So we’re hanging with Grandee again, keeping her from sleeping and generally being nuisances.

Great-Aunt Mary (hee!) reminded me that I should be writing down all of the cute things the boys do so I remember later. So let me describe a cute Miles thing…

He is a wiggly boy, and always manages to get a hand or two out of his swaddle. But I don’t think he realizes that those hands belong to him! So a few times, I’ll go into the nursery because he’s screaming, and see a hand popping up next to his face, while he looks at it in terror. “WHAT IS THIS HAND???” he seems to be thinking. Like it’s a monster’s hand or something.

Ding-dong. Guess you had to be there. πŸ™‚

Miles and THE HAND!!!!!!!!

Update on the boys

I’m a bit behind on this post, but oh well.

My mom and I took the boys to the pediatrician on Thursday. No real reason, just a little check up.

I’m glad we took them, otherwise we wouldn’t know what little piglets we have here!

At five weeks, two days old, the boys weights are:

Linus: 8 lbs, 3 oz
Oliver: 8 lbs, 10 oz
Miles: 7 lbs, 15.5 oz (oh so close!!!)

They’re officially “on the charts” now, not even for their adjusted age! So if they were normal, full-term babies at 5 weeks old, they’d be in the 5-25th percentile for their weights, heights, and head circumferences. (You can guess who the 25th percentile dude is.) So proud of my little chunky men.

Other good news is that Linus does not have a milk allergy as we were slightly worried about. Whew!

Hmmm. I had a great birthday, did I already mention that? We saw Walk Hard, which was funny, but I don’t know – I’d save it for when it comes out on DVD. The sushi was delicious (come to mama, raw fish!) and words cannot describe the joy I experienced while sipping my frozen daiquiri. Hee hee! Is that worrisome? Heh.

I also got some awesome birthday gifts. George gave me a beautiful ring that I sort of hinted heavily about (okay, I sent him the link) that symbolizes the boys:

My new ring

Note how the middle stone (all blue topaz, that’s their birthstone) is slightly bigger? Just like our middle boy, Oliver! Heh.

And Kristina sent me a gift box of yummy goodies – including some pregnancy-forbidden blue cheese. Mmmm… And my brother and SIL sent a gift box called the “Midnight Feeding Box” full of bread and cheese and salami and coffee cake and honey and peanut butter and chocolate. Holy yummy!

I didn’t mean to forget the gift my in-laws gave me, too. This beautiful pendant that looks a lot like this but with three babies, not one! How perfect, eh?

This week will be exciting – Aunt Jenny’s coming to visit the boys! And take over the night time feedings so I can sleep! Okay, maybe she doesn’t know that yet. I hope she bought a non-refundable ticket. Heh.

And, pics, because it’d be mean of me to post without pics, right? I call this one “Daddy licks a baby”.

Okay, that’s all I got for now…