Six months old!

Six month stats:

Linus: 16#5.5oz (25-50th); 26.5″ long (50th); HC 43cm (25-50th)
Oliver: 16#9.5oz (25-50th); 27″ long (75th); HC 44cm (50th)
Miles: 15#14oz (25th); 25.5″ long (25th) (actually, this is incorrect, or he shrunk since last month!); HC 43.5cm (25-50th)

Oliver has regained his title as Chunker. He also has some fluid in his ears, which we’re going to PRAY doesn’t turn into an ear infection, but other than that, they’re doing great!

Our friends opened a pizza place today in our neighborhood, so George and I stopped in for a slice after the appointment. Yum! It was so good. We’re looking forward to pizza for lunch and dinner for every meal for the forseeable future. Hee hee! If you’re ever in our neighborhood, be sure to stop by the Gulf station for a slice! (It’s located in a very old gas station that’s obviously not a gas station anymore.)


3 thoughts on “Six months old!

  1. i think i saw pictures of that somewhere recently…on your blog maybe or in your flickr acct. it looked really neat! i wish we had a good pizza place around here…but no such luck :(glad to hear the boys are doing so well!


  2. The boys are GORGEOUS! So stinking handsome. REALLY.And so cool that they’re so close in size! They can all share clothes, right? I’ve got SO many clothes and diapers to keep track of (three different sizes) its unreal and overwhelming at times.OOOh! Pizza sounds so good right now! LOL.


  3. I hope a slice of pizza is 100 times better, and a lot less expensive than a gal of gas! ha ha. Happy half birthday chunkers! All three of them are doing great for their age. Exciting mile stones, girlfriend! Enjoy every minute. Oh – please share what their “distinguishing” features are so I can try to tell them apart on my own. :)xo,Andrea


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