6 months old!

6 months old!, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

17 thoughts on “6 months old!

  1. the schirano triplets

    oh my goodness pam, i am loving the new picture. they are so freaking adorable!


  2. Trina

    Happy 1/2 birthday little dudes! They look so big in their polos! Love it. Did you ever hear back from the Ellen Show? I can’t believe she wouldn’t want to have you all on after that adorable picture you sent her. Trina


  3. mrsgingergrl

    AAhh, so CUTE! I felt like once we hit 6 months,things got so much more fun… get ready!! 🙂


  4. Harris Boys

    Pam, they are ADORABLE. I know they are identical, but I can see a very small difference! Happy 1/2 year boys!!


  5. BuckeyeBundle

    look at those handsome little fellas!!! Your boys just make me smile so big….Lots of hugs and kisses…Happy 6 months L,O, & M!!!!


  6. Jessica

    I think I just got my cute intake for the day…HOLY SWEETNESS!! Keep up the good work Pammy…they’re glorious.


  7. Anonymous

    Congratulations. I remember the call 1 year ago today when you found out about having the triplets. I am so grateful for having 5 of the most adorable grandchildren ever. Your dad is very proud of you.Love,Grandee


  8. Meluch+3

    holy schmoly! I can’t believe they are 6 months. That picture is so darn cute. You should write a blog post on how you’re able to get such great photos ALL the time!Mel


  9. Alexandra

    wow! i seriously underestimated the cuteness. you must be so proud, Pam (and exhausted). I’m so so happy for you. -alex


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