Oh, so exciting!

As of this morning, my latest weigh-in, I have lost 35.4 lbs! Yes indeedy, I lost 3.2 lbs this week! This is happy news, since it gives me a little bit of leeway to eat lots of turkey and dressing and pumpkin pie and all the other yummy stuff tomorrow.

I was going to do a five mile race tomorrow morning (every year I say I’m going to do this race but I never have) but Kristie’s coming in this afternoon and I hardly think it’s fair to her to go to a race early in the morning. Kind of puts a crimp in tonight’s fun, too, since I’d have to go to bed early. So really I’m not at all disappointed about that.

Believe me, it’s much more exciting to see Kristie, one of my oldest friends (we’ve been friends since we were twelve) who I haven’t seen in a year. And who is going to be a bridesmaid. (I didn’t exactly ask her. I told her. But I think that’s okay. When we got in a huge, several-month-long fight back in college when we were roommates, what I remember most about making up was saying “but you have to be a bridesmaid in my wedding!” Ahh, kids.)

Friday, George and I are going to City Park on the trip we had planned for the day after Halloween but had to be postponed because everything in City Park is closed on Mondays. So I’m excited about that too. And I will relax and I will work on the yard this weekend.

Thanksgiving holiday weekend is definitely my favorite. You get the holiday over with at the beginning of your time off, and you have the rest to just relax and not stress about anything.

Oh, I forgot! I’m supposed to see Mike and Debbie and their kids too, who I haven’t seen since January. And I’ve never met their new daughter, who is five or so and they adopted earlier this year from China. Very exciting! So much Thanksgiving excitement!

Also, I added a few more pictures to the engagement story page. Nothing terribly exciting. I was hoping I would look more glowing in them, but I think maybe I should start wearing concealer under my eyes. Eh, I blame the camera.