I had better get my ring back today or I am going to be v v v upset. In 25 minutes I can start hounding the jewelry store. (Hey, they’re lucky I’m waiting until they open.) Of course, I should be careful, so that they don’t switch my diamonds with CZs. (I think that’s the jeweler’s version of spitting on your pizza. See Tuesday’s entry.)

Tonight is the Delta Queen Christmas party. Am excited to see everyone. And eat yummy free food. And to show off my ring (assuming the jewelry store doesn’t disappoint me.) I am going with Shelley, my old birthday buddy who still works there. Obviously. Yay! Can’t wait! (But talk of our birthday makes me slightly nauseous. Nothing wrong with turning thirty, it just sounds weird.)

I wish tomorrow was Christmas. Yay Christmas! I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping! Last night I went to Barnes & Noble and finished off the gift buying for some people like Mauro and George’s dad and my mom. Must get wrapping! Tree looks sort of sad without presents underneath. I’ve just been lazy.