Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I ate waaaay too much and drank waaaay too much, but it was fun. We had dinner at the pub, and everyone brought something. It might not have been the best-organized potluck ever, considering there were four turkeys and about eight pumpkin pies. But it was all so good. Too good!

And tonight, Jon and Teresa and George and I are going out for our anniversary dinner. Not sure, in retrospect, how wise it was to schedule another big meal right after yesterday’s orgy of eating, but maybe it’s best to just get it all done at once. Not sure I’m hungry yet, though. Ha ha! I’ll manage, I’m sure.

We’re going to the Bombay Club. We went there for drinks on Teresa’s birthday and had a great time. Can’t wait to eat there! And have some port. I like port. It is yum. Liquid raisins. And I don’t even like raisins!

And six days until I see my Ellie. Yay!

3 thoughts on “11/24/06

  1. pam

    i heart port! so much that i went and bought a bottle at world market on saturday. and the tiny wine glasses to drink it in. yum yum!


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