Happy Birthday, boys!

Here’s their 12 month picture, 2 days late. I’ve been busy!

One year old!

15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, boys!

  1. Happy Birthday!!!! And congrats to Mom & Dad for surviving the first year!
    The picture is awesome!
    Hope ya’ll have a wonderful day and many blessings to all of you this next year!
    MOM to gggg quads 2y!


  2. busy, never…hehe

    awesome pic..you will be so happy you took a pic each month. I love looking back at mine and seeing how fast they grew up.

    thanks for the sweet comment about the boys 🙂

    hope your 3 had a great time celebrating!!


  3. Happy birthday! Love the onesies! I hope they had a great party and hope all is well with you these days. I miss being on the board…darn job! 🙂


  4. Happy birthday Linus, Oliver, Miles!!!

    And Congrats Pam on making it through the first year. It’s been so much fun watching you go through what I go through about 4 months later.




  5. I know I already wished you and the boys a happy birthday, but I’m finally getting around to catching up on blogs. I LOVE their 1 year old couch picture! Maybe it’s their adorable outfits.

    AON (also of note):
    * LOVE the picture of you in the snow. Giiiiiiiiiirl…you’re lookin’ gooooooood!
    * Still jealous of the choo choo.
    * The hooded, striped outfits are too much. Love them. But you’re right….let’s limit the matching outfits. I can only tell the difference because you LABELED the pictures. =) Even their DIMPLES are the same.

    Have a great weekend.

    – Amy


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